Daliso Chaponda

Daliso Chaponda

"It takes a special kind of act to work on both sides of the Atlantic (as well as across Africa), but it seems an easy transition as he compels the crowd with his racial and socially insightful comedy." News and Star, Carlisle

"Absolutely the roof off the place. Brilliant, brilliant act." - The Frog and Bucket

"With his frank delivery, accent and cartoonish voice, he has a unique and endearing stage presence." - Community Contact, Montreal

Daliso Chaponda is an African comedian who began his comedy career in Canada with the acclaimed one man show ‘Feed This Black Man’ in 2001. Subsequent appearances across Canada followed (highlights include 2005 The Just For Laughs Festival 2005 & CBC Television’s ‘Trans Canada Comedy Trail’).

In 2004 Daliso Chaponda headlined the ‘Don’t Let Them Deport Me’ Comedy Show as a plea to officials to have his Canadian visa extended. The show was sold out, well reviewed and frenzied letters were written to bureaucrats. He was forced to leave anyway after one final show, 2005’s “They’re Deporting Him Anyway.” Next, he worked as a comedy writer and performer in South Africa and recently he moved to the UK. In only a few months he quickly established himself on the British circuit and began headlining shows across the country. Daliso is a versatile comedian equally comfortable talking politics, romance, filth or religion. As such, he has performed in churches, casinos, strip clubs and sports bars.

In addition to Stand-Up Comedy, Daliso has also had two plays produced and published fiction in numerous magazines. In 2002 he was a finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future Contest and in 2005 he was shortlisted for the P&E Award and the Carl Brandon Society Award.

“A stand up comedian with raw Eddie Murphy confidence, cheek and super-polished style.” Nerve, Liverpool