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Hello Person Looking To Go To Edfringe 2020 (or just nosey person looking around our website)

Just the Tonic had a ridiculously good time at Edfringe 2019. In fact, we usually have a good time, but this year was pretty special. We sold more tickets than ever before, had more bums on seats than ever before. We got a really good fistful of 4 and 5 star reviews for our shows, plus a few award winners and nominations.

With that in mind, we have opened up our booking early for 2020 as we expect an unprecedented demand for space. In 2019 we were fully programmed by middle of March.

We allow for free shows, Pay What You Want shows and the normal ticketed shows. Our spaces are between 50 and 150 capacity.

We still maintain the fun factor of the fringe as well as providing professional support.

Why not apply to be with us and we can take it from there.

Apply here for Edinburgh Fringe Festival Venue Spaces

We will also add some marvellous propoganda about why it is that you should perform with us and not one of the other 'not so good' places that you might have heard of.


Just The Tonic Edinburgh Fringe Festival

What is Just the Tonic?

It is a unique entertainment experience during the world's largest arts festival. We have 5 venues, with 15 performance spaces: The Caves, situated within a maze of cavernous rooms below Edinburgh's South Bridge, the venue is a tourist attraction in it's own right. Part of the space that we don't use is even part of the legendary Edinburgh Ghost Tours. Winner of The Best Small Venue in The Scottish Events Awards, 2009. We have now added The Tron, a single perfomrance space on Hunter Square, right next to the Royal Mile. In 2014 we took The Community Project on Candlemaker Row with an additional 2 spaces and The Mash House with a further 4 space. We have now added La Belle Angele. All centrally located within the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town.

See this 2019 brochurefringe programme 2019