John Robertson

John Robertson

John Robertson is a comedian, writer and Emcee. A diverse kind of guy, he started comedy in 2002 and he now tours the world hosting festivals and appearing in clubs and theatres.
John toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009 and was rewarded with a four- star review. His third solo show, “Don’t Swallow: A Handy Guide To Keeping Your Head Above Water (In An Ocean Filled With Sh*t)” enjoyed a sell- out run at The Blue Room Theatre in August 2009.

A versatile speaker, puppeteer and ukulele player, John is the resident MC for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo and the Under The Blue Moon Goth Festival.

His first solo show, “Killing Hun in the Sun” was nominated for the Equity Guild Award for Best New Play and toured to the Melbourne Fringe as “Hunting With the Colonel” in 2006.

A charming, energetic presence onstage, John Robertson kicks ass and takes names at any comedy night, corporate function, pub gig, church service or giant balls- to- the- wall rock festival.

“a delight… commanding to watch” - The Groggy Squirrel, Melbourne

“Cheeky… brilliant. Four stars.” - Three Weeks in Edinburgh