Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas

What can be said about this man? Probably the best comedian working in Britain today, bar none. Johnny's infamous live shows, which have in the past included a potters wheel, vodka relay races, tactical vomiting, arm wrestling, dancing, dead rabbits, and most recently a seafood auction and a 400 strong karaoke session until the venue shut is one of those things you must see at least once in your life.

You will recognise him from..well, everywhere really. Johnny's been a integral part of the comedy world since the 90's. He's starred in TV ad campaigns, wrote and starred in his own show 'Who's ready for ice cream?', been a regular on 'Shooting Stars', and appeared on 'Black Books', 'The Big Breakfast' and more recently, 'Benidorm' on ITV.

A firm fixture on Just the Tonic's list of favourites, we always welcome Johnny with open arms and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time whenever this man is on stage.