Liam Mullone

Liam Mullone

Liam Mullone launched his comedy career in October 2002, quickly winning the respect of promoters in and around London with an act which, according to veteran comic Bob Mills, is based around "not really understanding how the world works".

He reached the final stages of several major competitions and appeared on ITV's Take The Mike and the BBC New Talent Awards showcase on BBC Three. Just 10 months after first setting foot on a stage he was spotted by Avalon and joined their Comedy Network team for Autumn 2003. He is now performing all over the UK.

His act relies on his sharp, florid way with words and surreal flights of intellectual fancy that are belied by a faltering, perplexed style.

Based in London, he spent most of his life in Hong Kong, where his schooldays were made difficult by his being "the only punk on the colony'. His father was head of the Leicestershire vice squad and his mother the leader of a fundamentalist Christian movement, both of which have coloured his take on life. These days he speaks eloquently on his key subjects of religion, prostitutes, stuffed toys, Leicestershire and chaffinches, and is really only doing this to get a book published.