Otiz Cannelloni

Otiz Cannelloni

Otiz Cannelloni combines the illusion of magic and the wit of stand up to produce a hybrid comic creation. With a mind more suited to testing crash helmets, his performance fluctuates between sheer genius and downright stupidity. Just when you suspect he doesn’t have a clue, Cannelloni removes all doubt.

When this man is on stage the dressing room empties, as the rest of the comics rush to watch and learn from his mistakes. It’s taken years of practice to make something so simple look so difficult. 
Despite various television appearances – The Stand Up Show BBC 1 - Stuff The 
White Rabbit BBC 2  - producers are prepared to forgive and forget, mostly forget.
Still, there’s always the alloment - if it stops raining!

Voted most popular act to appear at Ludgershall's Comedy Club ever.

“Master of Mirth and Minimalist Magic …Delightful.” TIME OUT