Simon Brodkin

Simon Brodkin

Untameable prankster and acclaimed character comedian Simon Brodkin finally does some stand-up as himself. In real life Simon’s not a massive chav, he’s actually a tiny Jew.

“Unfunny pillock” The Deputy Prime Minister

He is best known for playing a cheerful chav character called Lee Nelson, but also performs as other comedy characters. Performing solo stand-up since 2004, he has also written for and appeared on the television shows Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder in 2009, Lee Nelson's Well Good Show in 2010 and Lee Nelson's Well Funny People in 2013.

Brodkin is known for taking part in pranks as his characters at public events, heckling public figures such as Sepp BlatterDonald Trump and Theresa May.

“Unfunny pillock” The Deputy Prime Minister. The creator and performer of Lee Nelson... back doing his own stuff. It's a very funny beneath that very funny character. Come enjoy!