Just The Tonic's Saturday night comedy

- Leicester Square Theatre, London
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Terry Alderton - ‘very funny comic with a fantastic comedy mind’ Eddie Izzard
Will Smith - "You"ll never tire of watching this likeable comic" - Metro
Dave Longley - One of our favourites, and a regular compere at a few of our clubs. 'Acid tongued and as sharp as a barrel full of tacks' (The List)
David Ward - "Enjoyable and entertaining" Time Out

Saturday Night Comedy at Just the Tonic (book online and it's only £11 or £5.50 for those students amongst you... £1 more on the door)

'Consistently boasting the most interesting line ups in the country' - The Times.

It's Saturday night, you've finished for the week. Why not start the weekend with a WHOLE LOAD OF LAUGHING. We open the doors at 6.45pm so you can get in nice and early if you fancy, grab something to eat, listen to a bit of decent, but not loud music and relax a bit.

The venue is set up in a cabaret style. It's like that scene in Goodfellas... a proper night out setting. You get to sit round a table with your mates and have a chat and a drink before the nonsense begins.

At 8pm the show starts. The compere comes on, he warms up the crowd, probably does a bit of banter with the audience and gets you all ready. You are then in for 3 of the best comedians on the circuit, you get 2 breaks to fill up your glasses and do your ablutions (or go to the loo)

At some point the cockle man might pop in.

After the show finishes, at about 10.30pm, the chairs and tables get put away (so you will have to move a bit) and we turn into a nightclub to open at 11pm. You are welcome to stay.

Woo Hoo! Why go anywhere else. A totally Nottingham Comedy Club, with the absolute best of the national circuit, at realistic Nottingham prices, getting you in to other Nottingham places. It's because we are actually from Nottingham! BEWARE EXPENSIVE IMITATIONS!

“Consistently boasting the most interesting line ups in the country”

The Times

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