The Cockleman - Freedom of The City Campaign


CocklemanYou know, the old fella with his basket of fishy goods that comes by in the interval? The Cockleman? Yeah him, let's give him "The Freedom of The City"

Dave (The Cockleman) has been a friend of the club for as long as we've known him. To us he's always been there, a real life character of this city. No matter how bad life gets, you can live safely in the knowledge that Dave will be around somewhere selling his fishy goods. He's always cheery, got some story to tell and at any given opportunity will get up on stage to do his thing. In the past we have seen him on stage, dressed in drag, kissing a very drunk Johnny Vegas. Him and Johnny have alot of history...but that's another story.

What we attempt to do, is to give this old Cockleman "The Freedom of The City". It seems as the years are passing, more and more pubs in the city are denying Dave access to sell his fishy goods. For a man who has been in his trade for 47 years, it hardly seems fair to deny him access now. It's his livelihood, what else can he do? Where does a Cockleman go when the people that have carried him along for so long, suddenly turn their backs on you?

What can I do to help?

Here's what you can do to help. You can join the Facebook Page by clicking here. From there you can sign an online petition and hear about what's going on within the campaign. We have also put the Cockleman on Twitter @TheCockleman. So follow him. He might tell you some fishy facts!

Within our intervals there will be a paper petition for people to sign and as a good will gesture we will give you a Cockle Concession Card. Which entitles you to a little discount on your next visit to our club.

So go on and help The Cockleman! We need the support of the city to help make the Cockle Dream come to life! FREEDOM!