Alexander Bennett

Alexander Bennett

Alexander Bennett’s comedy has been variously described as dark, silly, filthy and thoughtful. He has filmed several stand up specials, created the cult hit comedy game show Hell To Play and recently started his new high-concept podcast Born Yesterday with comedian Andy Barr, which has already had guests including Jordan Gray, Phil Wang and Eshaan Akbar.

He was a key player in Mark Watson’s Comedy Marathon, was nominated at the Leicester Comedy Awards as part of Consignia and co-orchestrated a huge charity event at the Pleasance Grand in Edinburgh called Dan Vs Food, in which a cast of 25+ comedians (including Phil Wang, Ed Gamble, Iain Stirling, Nick Helm, Sophie Duker and Ivo Graham) watched a man called Dan eat his lunch. He has recently appeared on Radio 4, Insane in the Men Brain and The Comedian's Comedian podcast.

Alexander regularly performs with This Is Your Trial and Comedy Auction, as well as the acclaimed Alternative Comedy Memorial Society. His new material night This Is Not A Cult has run at the Camden Comedy Club for many years, is recommended by Time Out and has featured all sorts of TV names.

He has been a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Art, Fourth Monkey Theatre Company and has appeared on several radio shows. As well as being a comedian, Alexander is a filmmaker and is currently developing projects for television.

“Passionate and praiseworthy dark observational comedy”


"His sharp interpretations of the world around him add a sinister spin to the everyday - Unique and hilarious"

“Passionate and praiseworthy dark observational comedy” THE SKINNY