Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a gruff Canadian man with a beard. He looks like a lumberjack and isn't afraid to say he likes wood. He's also a Canadian living in Britain, with all its strange idiosyncrasies that he just doesn't get.

Craig started his comedy career in his native Canada and moved over to the UK in the early 2000s. He joined forces with Tony Law and Dan Antopolski to form 'The Dinks', who first took their show to Edinburgh in 2003 and returned the following year.
Craig took his own show to the Fringe in 2006 and continues to perform at UK's foremost comedy festival. He has toured with Al Murray and also Frankie Boyle on his 2010 jaunt. Craig intends to take his on show on the road in 2011.

Akin to other comedians coming from different countries like his fellow countryman Tom StadeCraig Campbell's material focuses on being the confused foreigner in a strange new country.

One of his confusions stems from the British way of driving. Apparently no one told him the speed limit on UK motorways, and he expects a hostile reception if Brit drivers are told to have their lights on during the day.

Brits aren't his only source of ridicule though, with the Canucks getting just as much action. Craig describes them as a 'Nation of Ninnies' and knows exactly how to get 100 of them to leave a swimming pool – just ask them.