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Diane Spencer

Diane Spencer

Diane Spencer is a UK based comedian, actress and writer, born on in the early 1980s in Worcester, England.  She is best known for her online comedy specials which are hour long stand-up comedy shows filmed in various locations.  She now has a growing online fanbase, with over 10K YouTube subscribers and 1.3 million views.

Starting in November 2006, Diane quickly showed promise as a comedian, being a highly commended finalist in the Raw Comedy Quest competition 2007.

Although British born, Diane was living in New Zealand at the time, and began shaping her comedy skills in Auckland, eventually being nominated for Best Female Comedian by the NZ Comedy Guild in 2009, notably for her solo hour “Wit, Charm and Filth” (2009).  

At this point Diane had performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in a line-up show as part of the Big Comedy Breakfast, and accepted who she was, and what she wanted to do.  Before emigrating back to the UK, Diane wrote an entire new hour long stand-up show called “Lost in the Mouth Specific” and embarked on a breakout solo tour to Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Comedy, Sydney Comedy, New Zealand International Comedy and Edinburgh Fringe festivals.  This show not only enabled Diane to break into the UK comedy circuit, it also won her the Chortle Best Newcomer.

Since then Diane has been a working comedian, performing in clubs up and down the UK, but also internationally.  She is the “Comedy Angel” of the Aarhus Festuge in Denmark, tours to Luxembourg, Italy and most recently Norway, her natural gift for storytelling but with universal themes and biting punchlines appealing globally.  

 In 2011, Diane returned to Adelaide, Melbourne and Edinburgh with a new show “All-pervading madness” (2011) a direct follow on from Lost in the Mouth Specific.  This show highlighted Diane as a jewel in the comedy landscape, with multiple 5 star reviews and a nomination for Best Comedy (Emerging) at the Adelaide Fringe.

Diane draws inspiration from her own life and social concerns, and in total has written 7 stand-up comedy shows, each critically acclaimed and available to watch on Youtube.  Steadily amassing an online fanbase, Diane is dedicated to her ever growing fanbase and takes time to personally respond to their comments, despite having over 10K subscribers on YouTube.  Producing her comedy content and directly uploading it to YouTube has enabled Diane’s comedy scope to encompass the globe and bring smiles to people wherever they are.


  • Top 5 Hottest Comedy Shows, Edinburgh Fringe 2012 (The Scotsman)
  • Nominated Best Comedy (Emerging), Adelaide Fringe Awards 2011
  • Winner: Chortle Awards 2011: Best Newcomer
  • “Hottest Comedians 2010″ Londonisfunny.com
  • Nominated Best Actress, 2009, 48 Hr Film Competition, Auckland heat.
  • Nominated Best Female Comedian, NZ Comedy Guild 2009


five stars purple“Diane Spencer seems incapable of producing a show that is not worthy of the high praise she gains.  Her honesty and unflinching sincerity makes you laugh harder than you could imagine and once she has you there really is no hope of her letting up.” The New Current

five stars purple“She is a flame-haired, filth-firing force of nature, tossing the audience from open-mouthed incredulity to tear-filled guffaws.” Sunday Express

four stars purple“personable, hilarious and ballsy” Broadway baby

four stars purple “Artists use paint to depict their work, Ms Spencer uses well-crafted words and stories to illustrate her art, words that ensured her set was full of genuine laugh out loud moments.”  One4Review

four stars purple“She invests it  with such wonderful turns of phrase, killer punchlines and a gleeful delight in continually over-stepping the taste barrier” The List

four stars purple“She possesses the natural delivery of a raconteur, and executes climactic punchlines well.”  Festmag

four stars purpleHalf-horrifying, half-fascinating, all hilarious” The Skinny

“She is a flame-haired, filth-firing force of nature, tossing the audience from open-mouthed incredulity to tear-filled guffaws.” Sunday Express. “Half-horrifying, half-fascinating, all hilarious” The Skinny