Ishi Khan-Jackson

Ishi Khan-Jackson

Ishi has been spreading laughter since she birth. She came out crying & they all laughed!

Her first solo performance was within weeks of starting Primary School in Zambia. She sang one of her Grandma's favourite Amitabh Bachchan songs before a school assembly of nearly 1800 pupils and teachers. The Hindi song was so lost in translation before the native African audience, that it caused a roar of laughter! 
Like a cat that finds its home, Ishi stumbled into Stand Up Comedy in the UK. She went along to cheer and support Stand Up comedians as they developed their material on a Comedy course. She enrolled looking forward to the role of chief laugher at the back of the room. So happy to be getting her regular dose of comedy, she forgot she'd be asked to take to the mic. Her showcase performance was a hit! She fell in love with the lightness spread through laughter, caught the comedy bug and has been spreading the laughter epidemic even more since! 
She has enjoyed writing, travelling and performing to  a variety of audiences from 800 on board a Red Sea cruise liner to two men & a ruck sack in London. All gigs are delightful! 

Hotter than a hot Madras!