Keith Farnan

Keith Farnan

Formerly a solicitor, Keith has performed as a stand-up all over the world, from the Boston International Comedy Festival to Hong Kong to the Middle East. He has appeared on television on the “Michael Mcintyre Comedy Roadshow” on BBC1 as well as “One Night Stand”(BBC) and “Liffey Laughs”(RTE)

He has been a regular guest on Radio, both in Ireland and the UK, on BBC, RTE, Talksport, Today FM, Newstalk and all sorts of other warm and welcoming studios. He has written and performed his own comedy, “The Insomniac Club” for BBCNI. He also wrote for RTE’s “That’s all we have time for”.

All his Edinburgh shows are still touring. ‘Cruel and Unusual’ ,his first, is a comedy show against the Death Penalty in America, andgarnered much attention from media and punters alike at theEdinburgh Fringe Festival. His second Edinburgh show,No Blacks. No Jews. No Dogs. No Irish. All Welcomewas a show about the dangerous rise of racism and his third Edinburgh Show,Sex Trafficaddressed Womens rights.

A regular at prestigious comedy venues in Ireland and the UK, Keith has performed at a variety of Award ceremonies, Corporate events, colleges and maybe even a wedding, but he’ll never admit that.

This is less a paragraph for me to tell you about myself, my hopes, my dreams and what I’ve done – and more a paragraph to do with something called Search Engine Bait. (For hopes, dreams, etc… see Bio/Touring Shows).

Therefore, if I write Irish, Comedian, Comedy, Funny, Ireland, Hairy, Handsome…yes, you heard me, words such as that, then the Googlemachine will find my page before many others. I have to be careful not to use the ‘P’ word that rhymes with Corn or I’ll have a lot of disappointed teenage boys visiting. So here’s a list of words, after consulting the Thesaurus, that I’d like to have associated with my googlename, See if you can spot the Celebrity Bait.

Cork, Cobh, Dublin, London, Edinburgh Festival, Comedic, Laughter, Guffaw, Performer, Chuck Norris, Hero, Irish Accents, BBC, Michael Mcintyre Comedy Roadshow, Artist, greatest something ever, Kittens, Bee Gee’s Tribute Act, Hangover, Hungover,(so I can help people in need), Wookie, Angelina Jolie, Laughter Lounge, Comedy Clubs, International, Cruel and Unusual, Death Penalty, (will be explained later on my page), Political, (I want to put in the title of my third show, Sex Traffic, but I think this will lead to trouble), Chuckles, Sailing, lawyer, solicitor, (how upsetting for someone to seek advice online and to find me), Star Wars, the Muppet Show, Award winning something, Amnesty International, Oprah, Radio, Voiceover, Voiceunder, Salvation of all Mankind, Cheese and Ham Sandwich Lovers everywhere, Neil Gaiman, Europe, Middle East, Far East, America, Australia,The World!, I-phone customer care (just to really throw them), The West Wing, Michael Collins, The End.

"If Eddie Izzard had been Irish, he'd surely have turned out a lot like Keith Farnan" - THE SCOTSMAN