Nick Helm

Nick Helm

We at Just the Tonic love Helm. He is a loud, outspoken man who will actually manage to shout the laughter out of you.

Since starting stand-up comedy in 2007, talented and enthusiastic Nick is quickly gaining attention from across the industry for his unique, powerful and above all hilarious blend of one-liners, stories, poems and songs. In addition, he is also a strong, energetic compere.

He also regularly appears as 'Major Moustache' and various other roles on CBBC's 'Big Babies'.

'Helm is unbridled enthusiasm, whether ranting or celebrating something, it’s the big kid losing all restraint that makes him incredibly endearing' - Chortle

'The real star of the show was Nick Helm, who was, in the best way possible, an excited 12 year old on stage, nervous, energetic and a fan of pointless games.' - Three Weeks