Ross Noble

Ross Noble

King of the ad-lib, Duke of distraction and Ruler of all things random, Ross Noble is one of the hardest working comedians on the planet.

Incessantly touring the globe for the past decade Noble has brought laughter to tens of thousands of loyal fans and his popularity is still growing. If you're new to the work of Ross Noble then read on.

Hailing from Northumberland, Ross Noble was once part of a circus troupe, selling balloons as a stilt walker. Luckily however Noble's talent manifested itself in stand-up comedy and Noble began his career at the ripe old age of 15 performing illegally in his local comedy club. He had to be smuggled out through the kitchen straight after his sets. Rock and roll!

King of the ad-lib, Noble's hilarious brand of comedy is largely improvised and ends up usually being nothing more than a stream of consciousness or 'brain fart' if you will. His unique ability to stray so far off point and head off on tangents to his tangents is probably one of the reasons his loyal fans adore him so.

When on tour he has a few set topics from which to spring from, but he says himself that the planning for his shows are little more than "about four words on a piece of scrap paper".

Since 1999 Noble has unveiled a new show each year without fail (except 2008...) including titles such as Chickenmaster, Sonic Waffle and Noodlemeister. He won the Time Out award for Best Stand Up in 1999 and earned himself a Perrier nomination that same year.

He can count four Chortle awards under his belt and in 2007 a Channel 4 poll placed Ross at number 10 in the Worlds 100 Greatest Stand-Ups.

His Edinburgh show Unrealtime was the best-selling show in 2003 and subsequently transferred to London's West End for a month long residency.

A treasure in the UK and Australia, Noble is a hardcore tour junkie. His travels around the world led to his own BBC Radio 4 series Ross Noble Goes Global and the offers for more kept flooding in.

Contributing regularly to Radio 4's Just A Minute and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, Noble has also forayed into television featuring in Live at the Apollo, Room 101 and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

His appearances on television are few and far between though because he is usually on tour which he prefers doing as opposed to scripted performances.

Ross Noble's Australian Trip which aired in 2009 on Channel 5 provided an amicable compromise between the two however following Noble on tour on a five month road trip around Australia.

Noble has just completed his Things tour but he'll be back next year bigger, better and even more random-er. Who knows what he'll ramble on about! But we know one thing for sure it'll be damn funny.