Will Franken

Will Franken

Armed with a ‘highly developed sense of the absurd’ (New York Times), comedy virtuoso Will Franken deluges his audiences with a kaleidoscopic tsunami of mind-blowing character comedy so funny that people stop laughing only long enough to drop their jaws.

A one man ‘Monty Python’ (San Francisco Chronicle), Franken has been featured on BBCAmerica’s The World Stands Up and has performed his patented theatrical lunacy in festivals worldwide, including Just for Laughs in Montreal.

Here's what Robin Williams and the press have to say...

"Will Franken is a master of illiusion and is unchained. He is also very very funny" Robin Williams

“Will Franken is an astounding character comedian who makes almost everyone else in his field look like lazy chancers.” Chortle

"He's a stonkingly good performer" Metro

"A hectic hour of absurdism" Evening Standard

"The darkness of Franken's imagination is like Chris Morris: this is Blue Jam with a wilder look in its eyes.” The Guardian

"Best Alternative to Psychedelic Drugs " SF Bay Guardian

A One Man 'Monty Python'