John Gordillo : Cheap Shots Defenseless

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John Gordillo : Cheap Shots at the Defenseless

"A grown-up comic who combines emotional intimacy with high quality gags" - Guardian
 "Resolutely acute, relentlessly smart comedy with political hues"  Independent
"Brilliant" - Scotsman
Dear Person. I am a man and stand-up comedian and all-round acquired taste from London. My Edinburgh 2013 show is called CHEAP SHOTS AT THE DEFENCELESS. It's about love, marketing and showbusiness and how they all feel like the same thing.

Love is everywhere. Global corporations write to me like they're my intimate friends, advertisers bombard me daily with appeals to my emotions and I have recently fallen into unrequited fan love with the singer Dionne Warwick. Yet I cannot quite break through to my daughter:

In the last 12 months, I've become a full time parent to an 18 year old girl. She's the daughter of an ex and now she lives with me, It's been difficult at times but I'm pleased to say that we've managed to forge a relationship that's both financially-draining and emotionally-constipated.

I will be attempting to make sense of this contradictory situation with jokes.

'This is a great hour. quality, brain-food comedy'. Edinburgh Festivals

'A show to relish, to chuckle at and to make you think about relationships, love and the corporate world hiding behind a smiling neon chicken'.**** The Skinny

“Consistently boasting the most interesting line ups in the country”

The Times

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This show is now off sale. Please contact the venue box office 0330 220 1212

This show is now off sale. Please contact the venue box office 0330 220 1212