Rob Auton

Rob Auton

My name is Rob Auton, I am a writer and performer of some of what I write.  I think it is important in this day and age to have a website if you want one.  Some say having a website is as important as having a heart.  I am not one of those peopel.  I cannot tell you how many times I have typed people incorrectly.  When I type people incorrectly it makes me think about myself as a preson. A son that hasn't been born yet.

​I was born in York and I now live in Walthamstow in London.  In 2008 I started saying things outloud to groups of people without wanting them to respond verbally. Some call this 'Stand up comedy', some call it 'Stand up poetry'. Whatever it is, I started doing it and have continued to do it ever since. I have created three one hour long Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows and am working on my fourth one now. I do a lot of gigs. 

"He is entirely compelling to watch. He’s a poet/writer/talker and it’s funny in parts but that’s not the point – there is something else happening, I’m not entirely sure what it is but it’s great and it wallops you in the belly." Daniel Kitson

Charming, eccentric and uplifting, Auton is a talent to watch. The Independent

I could talk to you forever. Cerys Matthews on 6 music

I wish there’d been a bit more poetry. Poetry Monthly