Just the Tonic - Working From Home: It's Been Almost A Year... Can We Go Out Yet?

- No Venue, Everywhere
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Zoe Lyons - "Always fizzling with indignation and throwing out a hugely enjoyable mix of brutal put-downs and richly funny stories, Lyons has what it takes to delight any crowd" Guardian
Jack Gleadow - ’a latter day lee evans’’ �" Beyond The Joke
Andrew Bird - “A great storyteller, funny, likeable and effortless” - Time Out
Lloyd Griffith - ‘useful idiot’ - the guardian
 Big Issue
Scott Bennett - “Great material, great delivery, a very funny man" - Rob Brydon
Mark Simmons - “Absolutely hilarious.” The Scotsman 4 STAR “A talented comic with an artisan’s grasp of joke-writing” Chortle 4 STAR
Darrell Martin - Darrell is great - genuine, engaging, with great taste in music and a desire to do something 'proper' but relaxed enough to live online' Kate Copstick

FEATURING: Reginald D Hunter, Zoe Lyons plus loads of others TBC plus Regulars Mick Ferry's 2 Minute Interview, Scott Bennett (View From A Shed) Tom Binns and Mark Simmons plus more acts TBC

Just the Tonic have brought back their ramshackle live comedy events. If you have not watched before, do not expect straight up. Expect fun. If you have watched before,... then you have an idea already. A few changes this time as we are adding a live audience (limited number of special tickets available) and trying new tech systems. SO, we are selling it as a 'pilot'. 

Chaos, sketches, pre-recorded bit, live chat. As we are trying some new etc, come with your mind open. 

Either just take a punt or come back later and see who we've booked. Do not expect straight stand up! This is all new to everyone. The show itself will be from 9pm, but you can log in around 8.45pm for a specially selected playlist, pre show type music type of thing!

Public praise for previous Working From Home events

* Comedians were great and seemed to really get a buzz from actually seeing and hearing people for a change! Well done Darrell and team and to all comedians! Keep up the great work of making people smile and laugh in a time when there really isn’t much to laugh about! 

* Really enjoyed last night we laughed constantly would watch again 

* Great night 😊 yes, the audience were a bit loud sometimes, but , you could tell the acts really liked them being there. I think it lifted their performance 😊
Looking forward to February shows 🍻

* Really great show. These are getting better and better. Well done Darrell! The comedians were funny too😄

* Great show. Have watched several now since start of lockdown. Really missing the shows in Camden. Video quality seemed to be the best yet.... Keep working with the live audience though as am sure with some tweaking it will be spot on. I Will be  tuning in again next week.

*  Great show. Seemed to work better with live audience for the comics.... Looking forward to the next show. Thanks for putting them on 👍

*  Really enjoyed the show last night.... We have enjoyed all the JTT shows we have seen online.   Thanks

*  We really enjoyed the show and the technical hiccups do add a bit of comedy value 😂

* Well done on the show. Great that you are constantly trying to improve the experience. You are turning into a bit of a lockdown legend, like Joe Wicks without the big hair. Thanks for a great night. Virtual high five to your tech guy wouldn't want his job in a million years!

* Loved the show guys, loved the NYE one too, yes you have teething problems but so what? Anyone would, it's not your usual forum. More than happy to continue supporting this effort and looking forward to the next broadcast!!

*  Great show everyone. Thank you 👍

*  Another great evening!

*  Hello. Nice highlights, I watch comedy for the freeze frame. They are such beautiful people..
Good show. The live audience worked for me, yes audio issues, but that part of the charm of this platform. Just like the host pouring a drink and it cuts to him trather than the compare. Genius.
Guy in the shed was mega.
Keep going.

* Great acts, great music too.

* Brilliant night, the live audience didn’t really bother us, it can be much louder at a comedy night.... 
Looking forward to Friday. Thanks so much

* Fab night really enjoyed all the acts. They were all brilliant 😂

* It was my first time and It felt so good to laugh as much as I did. I'll definitely be back ♥️

* Brilliant enjoyed it x

*  👏🏼👏🏼😂😂😂Great nightThank you👏🏼👏🏼

“Consistently boasting the most interesting line ups in the country”

The Times

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