Jenny Hart: Grubby - Leicester

- Just the Tonic at The Exchange Bar, Leicester
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Jenny Hart - "Jenny Hart is a fantastic addition to any line-up. How she is not a household name already I will never know" Doug Carter Events - Opener
'A little adventure through the 80's and 90's told from the point of view of a kid on a middle England estate. Dogs were feral, Kung Fu  movies were a religion, parents were absent but fun existed in the woods, in the loft and on very dangerous playground equipment. Come join Jenny Hart as she tells her tales of the estate including the larger than life legend of Grubby.'

Just the Tonic are proud to present shows at The Leicester Comedy Festival 2024 in an outstanding small venue, The Exchange Bar, nestled in the heart of the Cultural Quarter in Leicester, the venue stands as a testament to the architectural beauty and impeccable design.

“Consistently boasting the most interesting line ups in the country”

The Times

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