Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart

Lively musical comedy that just comes out joyously wrong and infinitely dirty, lusciously dark and often quite flirty



"She’s a bold, brash, shameless presence full of gloriously inappropriate jokes and twisted, dark songs gleefully mocking some awful things. It’s a ribald, vulgar set, full of crude knockabout humour delivered with blunt vitality.  And an absolute crowd-pleaser. She came second, and I suspect it was a close poll, for she’s a powerhouse surely poised to storm the circuit." - STEVE BENNETT,CHORTLE    

"I can safely say Jenny got the best audience reaction this venue has ever seen" GAG N BONE MAN COMEDY


"Jenny absolutely raised the roof last night at AComedy Club with a superbly raucous set, leaving some audience members in tears of laughter. A brilliant act who I'd happily recommend to other promoters!" - ACOMEDY CLUB

"Jenny Hart is a fantastic addition to any line-up. How she is not a household name already I will never know" Doug Carter Events - Opener