Valentines Special - Seven Acts for £7

- Just the Tonic at Hansom Hall, Leicester
Barry Dodds - Story telling young lad. Great act... great compere! "One of comedy"s original thinkers" Dominic Holland
Juliet Myers - "Devilish coy look, excellent material with some on the edge gags." The Scotsman
Bobby Mair - A lunatic... in a sane world he'd be locked up. But he's written some jokes about life and as a result he is a clown. Very funny Canadian... manic, troubled, troubling but very funny indeed
Phil Kay - Bloody Nutter
Howard Read - Award Winning Comedian and animator
Guest - We've not quite filled this gap... but fear not... it will be someone funny. You probably won't have heard of them anyway... so don't worry yourself
Darrell Martin - Darrell is great - genuine, engaging, with great taste in music and a desire to do something 'proper' but relaxed enough to live online' Kate Copstick

'Are you lonesome tonight?'

Well, don't be. There's loads of laughs here. Cheer up lonely person

Or are you stuck for somewhere to go that isn't just full of naff couples that only go out on Valentines night, and restaurants where the prices go up but the quality goes down.

Then you should get yourself along here as well.

If you are none of the above, then we want you as well. Basically, get your arse down here for a right old laugh. 

7 established comedians pissing about for your amusement for £1 each wehen they should probasbly be off keeping a relationship together somewhere. Come laugh at them

Why go anywhere else. everywhere else wil lbe just a bit shit tonight!

“Consistently boasting the most interesting line ups in the country”

The Times

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